Neville Shah

Neville is a writer and currently a creative director at an ad agency. He is also half Parsi and half Gujju, making him very confused and very angry. Often deprecating, Neville has a unique (read: strange) view on life. His insightful wit, conversational delivery and honest angst, make his humor relatable and sometimes oddly poignant. He also insists that he his mothers son

Aadar Malik

Aadar Malik is an actor (lead in Indo-Canadian film “Under the Same Sun“, to be released at various Intl. Film festivalsacross the world). He began performing standup comedy after portraying the character of a comic for his play, “Papier mch petals“(thespo12 festival). Being a musician, writer, singer, he enjoys mixing music with his comedy. An avid hater of pickup lines, he prefers impressing women with his guitar.

Varun Thakur

Varun Thakur is regular headliner at the Comedy Store.. Being a struggling actor from Bombay, he’s rejected on a daily basis by casting directors and rickshawaalas.  His latest film was Jab Tak Hai Jaan and despite whats being said, he’d like to clarify that Katrina and him are just “good friends”. With a good mix of observational humor, high energy and impersonations, he’s an act you shouldn’t miss.

Brij Bhakta

Brij Bhakta comes to us from the United States. Born in India, and raised in America, he has no clue what his purpose in life is. An actor and writer by profession, Brij has been doing comedy for the last 15 years. Trained at the famed Second City and ImprovOlympic, he is still trying to convince his parents that he has made the right decisions in life. Recently, he hosted the travel show, “The Freaky Traveler” on Fox Traveler/National Geographic. He is also a member of Schitzengiggles, a comedy troupe that performs all across the nation. You can catch him in all of these places and also wandering the streets of Andheri trying to
find a good deal…on anything…he’s Gujarati.

Karan Talwar

Karan Talwar spent a decade in the US where he gained work experience and lost all his hair. After returning to Mumbai in 2009 he founded Schitzengiggles – which is now Mumbai’s premier local stand up platform.

Karan is a comic who is not known to mince his words (“Can children be considered a form of STD?”). He may be slightly grotesque (“I was 16 when I realized MENSA wasn’t a group of crazy women bleeding from their vaginas.”) and maybe even politically incorrect at times but he does not hate anyone, except those who takes things too seriously. You people suck.

Karan was featured in NH7. Read the article here.

Watch Karan in action at the Kingfisher Beer Up in Hyderabad here.

Some of Karan’s lines:

“I’m not a smoker so I find it really annoying when people sit in my car and ask ‘hey is it OK if I smoke in here?’. So I return the favor by hitching a ride in their car and asking ‘hey is it OK if I fart in here?'”

“Whats the deal with women tennis players grunting so much these days? It’s getting really awkward to watch Tennis with family. I blame Monica Seles. No wonder she got stabbed.”

“I remember back in school when I used to sit in class and wonder ‘why are they teaching us all this stuff when we won’t use 90% of it.’ I was so wrong. It’s more like 98%.”


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The Comics

Schitz En Giggles are Karan Talwar, Brij Bhakta, Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik and Neville Shah. Click on their individual profiles to see complete bios.


Schitzengiggles (pronounced “Shits And Giggles”) began as an accident. The idea was for local comics in Mumbai to join forces and provide themselves and other aspiring acts a platform to display their outrageous talents. The idea grew and now, Schitzengiggles has established itself as a pioneer in Mumbai’s local stand up comedy scene.

Our shows feature original comics that possess a unique attitude and sense of humour. Each performer brings a fresh point of view to the stage. Our shows usually feature 4 or 5 comics that are rotated based on availability. Our philosophy is provide the highest possible entertainment to our audience.

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